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About CosmeticSurgeon.Reviews

CosmeticSurgeon.Reviews MissionOur Mission

CosmeticSurgeon.Reviews is dedicated to helping you find the right cosmetic surgeon your aesthetic needs. Featuring regularly updated cosmetic surgeon reviews aggregated from across the web, CosmeticSurgeon.Reviews helps you easily find find the perfect doctor for your individual cosmetic needs.


Where Patient Reviews Come FromWhere Patient Reviews Come From

Our verification team relentlessly scours the web for relevant reviews to include. We aggregate reviews for sites such as Google Reviews, Yellowbook, Yelp, Facebook and more that meet our criteria to give an overall doctor rating.



Our CriteriaOur Criteria For Posting a Review

For a review to be listed , it must include the doctors name, the procedure performed, express the patients opinion about the procedure and not be originally posted more than 2 years from today’s date.

Our review process is what makes life so much easier for you. On many cosmetic surgeon review sites, the majority of reviews are focused on information that is not relevant to the actual results a doctor produces. This gives doctors a skewed rating. At CosmeticSurgeon.Reviews we ignore all of the reviews that are not specific to the results of a procedure which gives you a much better feel for the strengths (and weaknesses) a doctor may have. We focus on providing you with the most recent, relevant and insightful information.

If a review meets our criteria it is posted regardless of if the content of the review is positive or negative. CosmeticSurgeon.Reviews doctors are committed to earning your trust by being completely transparent.


Understanding Our RatingsUnderstanding CosmeticSurgeon.Reviews Ratings

Each doctor is assigned an overall rating of 1- 5 stars based on the average value of their total reviews. Results are returned in order of the doctors star rating. This means a doctor with one 5 star review is listed before a doctor with 15 reviews and an overall 4.75 rating. When considering a cosmetic surgeon it is important to consider the doctor that may have an overall lower star rating but many reviews.

Ultimately when interpreting our cosmetic surgeon ratings you will want to focus more on a doctor with many reviews and an overall star rating better than 4.0 rather than a doctor with a 5 star rating and only a few reviews.

With only listing relevant, recent and procedure specific reviews, you can trust that the rating we give a doctor is worth consideration as you move towards choosing a doctor.


CosmeticSurgeon.Reviews mission is to provide you with helpful and informative reviews that you can trust to give you an overall view of patient experiences with a cosmetic surgeon. We understand that considering cosmetic surgery is a life decision that should not be taken lightly. Our goal is to empower you when considering a cosmetic surgeon.

The photos and information on this website are not intended to represent the results that every patient can expect. Surgical results vary greatly from patient to patient and are not guaranteed. The information on this site is intended for general purposes only and is not intended to nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice relative to specific medical conditions or questions. The information on this website is not a guide to treatment, and it should not replace seeking medical advice from your physician.