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  • Sandy Leos via HealthGrades

    I have had several surgeries and fillers from Dr. Tittle. I have recently had a neck lift and I love the result! Dr. Tittle is consistently excellent in all of his procedures, but most importantly up to date and educated in all he does! I will continue to be a loyal customer!!

  • ilovetim444 via RealSelf

    Amazing experience and an amazing result! Wow! I didn’t really think I needed a neck lift, but I thought it would be a great sutle way to look a few years younger. I was wrong! I look years younger just after a week! Dr. Tittle is so experienced and so professional. He is a text away from any question or concern. Simply the BEST!

  • MSTHTD via RealSelf

    After having a botched breast augmentation one year ago to date, I heard that Dr. Tittle was a must see for reconstructive surgery. I went in for a second opinion, and I was completely blown away by his honesty, compassion, and knowledge. He explained the procedure and that implementing a Status along with an augmentation would yield outstanding results. I have never felt so comfortable with someone I barely knew, Dr. Tittle had me feeling very excited about my reconstructive surgery. I am now a week out of Surgery and could not be happier. Talk about a personal level, he even gave my husband his cell phone number immediately after surgery, and said to call him anytime, 2am, it doesn’t matter. No, I am not getting any compensation for this review, and I shouldn’t either, this is 100% earned. I can assure that you will not be disappointed, I will definitely be going back in the future for other misc. procedures.

  • Thomas2020 via RealSelf

    I love Dr. Tittle! From the moment I walked in he and his staff gave me a warm welcoming. I came into the consult wanting to talk about Bellafill and Microneedling treatments. I was so happy that he assessed my skin and was honest with what I needed. He wasn’t worried about the money he was worried about making me feel better. I am very picky about doctors because I feel that majority of the time it’s all money driven. But with him and his staff I was pleased to say how nice and honest they were. I recommend people that live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to visit him. Once I do my skin pen treatments and Bellafill I will upload pictures for all of y’all to see that he is a great doctor.

  • Amy B via Yelp

    I see Dr. Tittle for a variety of issues. I am always welcomed with open arms by his staff, especially his scheduling assistant Lori. If there is a sweeter woman on the planet, I have not yet met her. Dr. Tittle is kind and caring, and immediately puts any fear or anxiety you might have to rest. I also appreciate the fact that there is no sales pitch here. If you are curious about a particular product or procedure the information is presented in an educational format only. I would highly recommend Dr. Tittle to anyone seeking an honest, caring source for aesthetic procedures in the Dallas area.

  • carla2016 via RealSelf

    I had the most HORRIFIC experience with Dr. Tittle in 3/2016 with Cellfina and vaser lipo of the arms and bra line. I realize that Cellfina was new at the time I did it with Dr. Tittle and he had only done Cellfina on about 7 patients at that time. But, I was not a candidate for Cellfina and he should have NEVER said I was. I only had 3 dimples on my butt, the part that bothered me was the horizontal lines on the back of my thighs. He did the horizontal lines and the cellulite looks ten times worse than before I went in. To top it off, the 3 dimples I had on the butt were I. The banna roll, and made my butt drop! I have had 3 consults after this mess he left me with and they all said it is permanent damage! When I told him over 3 follow-up visits he offered to do “profound” treatments- at MY EXPENSE! He said he never did my horizontal lines on the back of my thighs, but I have pictures of the scars. He didn’t know what he was doing. My legs and butt are now RUINED. To make matters worse, the person that was doing Venus Freeze in his office (no longer there of course) turned up the machine So High, the Vaser lipo he did on my arms have tremendous creepy, uneven, loose skin, that I can never wear short sleeves until I now get an arm lift. When I complained about this, he said “I usually do lipo before an arm lift anyway”. I told him if there was any chance I would have had to do an arm lift I would have NEVER done Vader lipo, and botched Venus freeze. I cannot express enough. STAY AWAY from this office. I have asked for my file with pictures and only received blown up pictures that were blurry and no documentation of the Cellfina procedure. My before pictures look SO Much better than the after pictures. I asked for just the amount I paid him to put it towards what I will have to do to just get back to the way I was before the surgery. I did not hear a peep from his office.

  • Stacy F via Yelp

    While looking for a great doctor and getting many opinions for the procedure I wanted I found Dr. Tittle. After visiting his office for a consultation visit I knew I had found the Dr. His staff is wonderful, comforting, funny, welcoming, and informative. Dr. Tittle is extremely compassionate, professional, and efficient. My experience with Dr. Tittle and his staff has been over whelmingly wonderful. I could not have asked for nor expected the kind, comforting, and professional experience that I receive every time I enter the office of Dr. Tittle. Dr. Tittle is informative and honest. His knowledge and ability to transform is wonderful.

  • ajthomp via RealSelf

    I’ve had two surgeries by Dr. Tittle, one in 2001 and one in 2017. Growing up, I developed severely asymmetrical breasts that were also malformed. I was perpetually mortified to put on a bathing suit or be seen without a padded bra. I felt deformed. Despite being well educated and fairly attractive, I felt ashamed and ugly. I saw several plastic surgeons in my area, whom did not inspire confidence, one telling me that I might experience having what would appear to be four breasts until the implants had settled, and another saying he’d “never seen anything like that before.” I was crushed. My mom insisted we see Dr. Tittle, whom she trusted. Deciding to go to Texas to Dr. Tittle truly did change my life. He implanted subglandular silicone implants (not the usual practice but appropriate for my condition) that far exceeded my expectations. I was hoping to look less deformed. I ended up looking fantastic! After 16 years, one implant ruptured (these things can happen). Dr. Tittle was kind enough to see me as soon as possible and performed an implant exchange. Everyone’s recovery time is different, but I needed pain medication for only one day. Yes, ONE DAY. My breasts look AMAZING. His in-office operating room (no hospital germs!), super sweet and patient staff, and kind and gentlemanly bedside manner turned a not-so-ideal situation into such a positive experience. I feel forever blessed to have found a surgeon I could trust, and also a friend I look forward to seeing in Dr. Tittle. Surgery can be scary. Feeling bad about your body sucks. Turn your worries over to Dr. Tittle and his experienced, kind, and patient staff. Even though I live thousands of miles from Dallas, I will never see another surgeon. I would wager a guess that most of his patients would agree! Thank you so much, Dr. Tittle!

  • Princess Rose via Facebook

    I love this Place, Yesterday I had my cheeks done with Dr Title, its my forth visit , I recommend everyone to visit his clinic he is so professional , and his prices is affordable , im going to do breast implant next month , ihad my first done by him, never had a pain or complications im going to re do it for bigger size.

  • shayjames via RealSelf

    Very professional and knowledgeable doctor. Walked me through everything that he was going to do during my procedure. Explained what needed to be done and gave realistic expectations of my outcome. I am more than satisfied with my results so far.

  • Debbie P via Yelp

    Just visited Dr. Tittle’s office for an anti-aging consultation and procedures. Fantastic experience all around – Dr. Tittle is extremely professional, personable, and excellent recommendations – all done painlessly, too! His office staff is very friendly, efficient, and FUN! I just moved to Dallas a month ago and my friend referred me to Dr. Tittle – what a great find!

  • Jill S via Yelp

    Dr Tittle is very professional and kind. He’s extremely educated on all the latest procedures and fillers! I’ve had great results!!

  • Laura S via Yelp

    Dr. Ben Tittle at Plastic Surgery of Texas did my “mommy makeover” a.k.a. tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), breast lift (mastopexy) and breast implants (augmentation). While I rarely take the time I should to write good reviews, I want the world to know how highly I think of Dr. Tittle and his staff. He is an excellent surgeon and he and his staff are very skilled, nice, attentive, patient, and caring. I was extremely nervous about my procedure, but Dr. Tittle and staff made me feel as relaxed as possible. From my initial consultation through surgery and follow up, I have always felt like a valued patient. The whole experience has been as pleasant as major surgery can be, and the results are absolutely amazing. I highly recommend Dr. Tittle for plastic surgery procedures.

  • Shayla D via Yelp

    I really enjoyed this place! As a registered nurse, I always really pay attention when I go to doctors offices. The staff are so friendly and really get along with each other! I had sculpsure done yesterday and the staff was very knowledgeable about it! The woman who does the procedure is incredibly smart and I will seriously come back just for her to do laser/skin procedures on me! I already scheduled an appointment for Kybella and another sculpsure treatment! The price of the Kybella is very well priced for a plastic surgeon to inject you!

  • nmphillips via RealSelf

    First I would like to say thank you to Dr. Tittle and his staff. Everyone has been so kind and helpful with everything. I am so pleased with my results, I had a tummy tuck and he also repaired the muscles, and used a pain medication that was injected in the muscles during surgery that helps tremendously with the soreness. I was able to move around the same day that i had the surgery, because it worked that good. It has only been a week and I’m glad to say that i’m very pleased! Dr. Tittle has excellent bed side manner as well as his staff, they are eager to supply your needs and has checked on me to see if there was anything that they could do to make me comfortable. I would highly recommend Dr. Tittle if you are looking for a board certified plastic surgeon! He’s very good at what he does and he loves making you even more gorgeous! Thanks Dr. Tittle and Staff.

  • am0118 via RealSelf

    I had an amazing experience and would highly recommend dr. Tittle to anyone considering getting Bellafill injections . My results are natural and I am very happy that I decided to make the drive to dallas, he is worth it!

  • Audry L Chapdelaine via Facebook

    Dr. Tittle and his staff by far best experience ever!! I have been to several plastic and cosmetic surgeons over the years in my venture to continue a healthy, natural and youthful appearance. Dr. Tittle and his staff are very welcoming and professional in every way. I came to have fillers and Botox which I have done many times in the past. His techniques, knowledge and experience were very apparent from the moment I entered the clinic. Some skills are learned and some just come naturally, Dr. Tittle has both and found he and his staff to be good people. He is a good heart and that is priceless in patient care. Will definitely return and would recommend Dr.Tittle for any cosmetic procedures without hesitation.

  • Cheryl L via Yelp

    Dr. Ben, I have to tell you that I look amazing after this last treatment. That sounded a little into myself….didn’t it? Even my husband noticed for the first time! The dysport & Botox gave me amazing results. My eyebrows are even lifted. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are the BEST!! Till next time.

  • via HealthGrades

    Wasn’t sure what a non-invasive treatment could do to improve my face and neck. I had tried Thermage and Ulthera with no improvement so I was skeptical to start. I am 2 months post treatment and I love the definition I have in my jawline and anticipate more skin tightening over the next 2 months. Plastic Surgery of Texas has an amazing staff and Dr Tittle is in a class all by himself. I cannot say enough great things about my experience. Thank you Dr. Tittle!!

  • smileybells via RealSelf

    Dr. Tittle performed abdominoplasty/tummy tuck on me just 2 weeks ago. The surgery went great and I’m recovering well. Dr. Tittle is a wonderful doctor and a very personable man. He made me feel extremely comfortable before and after the surgery. He made sure I knew all my options and understood the procedure completely before moving forward. He answered all my questions and concerns until I was satisfied. His staff is very friendly and everyone will go out of their way to accommodate you. I highly recommend Dr. Tittle and assure you that he will take care of you!

  • Audrey T via Yelp

    Dr. Tittle is rare among surgeons because he takes the time to listen to you about your desires and concerns, and provides information and support throughout the entire process and healing. PROS: Dr. Tittle’s nearly 30 years’ experience, his super sweet and patient staff, his kind and gentlemanly bedside manner, his in-office operating room (he can choose his own operating team whom I LOVED–not whoever’s on call at the hospital- and no hospital germs!), his fair prices without any sales pitch, and much more. I’ve had nothing but 100% positive experiences over 16 years with Dr. Tittle. I feel forever blessed to have found a surgeon I could trust, and also friends I look forward to seeing in Dr. Tittle and his staff. Surgery can be scary. Feeling bad about your body sucks. Turn your worries over to Dr. Tittle and his experienced, kind, and patient staff. Even though I live thousands of miles from Dallas, I will never see another surgeon. I would wager a guess that most of his patients would agree!

  • Frankie P via Yelp

    Steer clear of this practice! The doctor was too busy doing touch ups on his office staff to acknowledge me waiting forty five minutes in his waiting room. When I finally went back to check I was told no one knew I was there despite being given paperwork. There was no apology or anyone trying to help me. I felt some reticence when I noticed his practice was in a strip mall and not associated with any hospital….this sealed the deal. When I called the practice after I left to speak with the office manager I was told she was not available and was not asked for any callback information.



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