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  • LaDonna Scheppe via Google

    When I decided about a year ago that I definitely wanted cosmetic surgery to improve my sagging eyelids and bags, I did some research to find the best surgeon for the job. Dr. Maloney was a clear standout in terms of both patient satisfaction, professional credentials, and experience.

    However, I instead booked an appointment with a doctor in my hometown, thinking that the procedure would be more affordable and less intimidating if performed locally. I received a brief consultation (about ten minutes), a rough diagram of the areas which would receive treatment, and an estimate of charges.

    After thinking it over, I realized that I had not been shown a single photograph of any patient on whom that particular doctor had performed the upper and lower blepharoplasty that I was seeking. Instead, he had only displayed images of breast augmentations, “tummy tucks”, and other surgeries which mostly did not involve the face.

    I then called for an appointment with Dr. Maloney, and received an extensive, in-depth consultation during which I was shown many examples of former patients who had received the same or similar procedure I was considering.

    My face was photographed, and, using computer technology, I was shown an approximation of what I might expect to look like after surgery. Then I was presented with the cost. I was astounded to learn that Dr. Maloney’s charges were actually less than what I had been quoted by the small-town surgeon I had first seen.

    I went forward with the blepharoplasty, along with CO2 laser resurfacing around my eyes and a fat transfer.

    Almost a year has passed, and I am very grateful that I underwent the surgery, and that I chose Dr. Maloney to perform it. The results are beautiful and natural, and I can affirm that my overall safety, health, and happiness were held in paramount regard by both him and his staff at all times.

    His office is filled with friendly, welcoming faces who make each visit a pleasure. In fact, I am so happy with the outcome of my first surgical experience with Dr. Maloney that I have scheduled a full facelift to be performed in less than a month. I am actually looking forward to it, confident that I will be cared for by a physician with stellar surgical skills and aesthetic judgment.

  • Pamela Turley via Google

    Dr. Maloney is professional, friendly, detail-oriented, and extremely qualified. He performed an upper eyelid reduction on me in 2015. I was concerned about having too much eyelid removed as I naturally have “Irish” eyes. He listened carefully, understood my concerns and did exactly what I wanted. The result is completely natural looking. I love it!

  • Kelsey Hinsdale via Google

    I’ve had the most wonderful experience. I can’t say enough great things about the entire staff and how comfortable I have felt from start to finish! Dr. Maloney really takes the time to listen to your thoughts and is very thorough with his explanations. Having major surgery nerves I went in for an extra appointment just to go over the procedure one more time—for my own comfort. I never felt rushed or like I was a being a bother. I’m so thrilled with my rhinoplasty results and will 100% go back to see Dr. Maloney and his awesome team if I decide to get anything else done in the future. It doesn’t get much better than having a Dr. who personally calls to check on you the day after surgery.

  • Maxlaffss via RealSelf

    From the minute I stepped in to the office I felt welcomed. The front desk staff were warm and accommodating. I then met with Robin, the surgical coordinator, and she was amazing. She was calming and reassuring and informative. Finally I met with Dr. Maloney. He had been highly recommended to me and he was everything I had heard, and more. He answered all of my questions having to deal with my proposed rhinoplasty and even showed me a computer model. I left feeling very confident and excited. My surgery went extremely well. It was a slightly complicated procedure as I had very weak cartilage and Dr. Maloney had to graft cartilage from behind my ear to the tip of my nose. Even with all he had to do, I had minimal swelling and bruising. It was truly incredible. I wasn’t packed so I could breathe the night of surgery. I ate a good dinner and felt great! The results are staggering to me. Dr. Maloney did such a fabulous job!! I love my new nose. I can breathe again and my nose looks great!!! Dr. Maloney is not only a talented surgeon, he is an excellent man!! The whole staff is top notch, too!! I couldn’t recommend The Maloney Center enough!! A truly lovely experience!!

  • cashway34 via RealSelf

    I have wanted a nose job since middle school. I finally decided to get it done, and I am beyond thrilled with the results. From the very first phone call to The Maloney Center, I felt extremely comfortable and valued. The staff is incredibly courteous and knows you by name. Dr. Maloney himself is wonderful. He is very warm and knowledgeable. All of my questions were answered, and I knew exactly what to expect. I am three months post surgery and my nose looks incredible. My friends all say they keep forgetting I got a nose job because it looks so natural. I could not be happier with my experience at The Maloney Center.

  • Elizabeth S via Facebook

    After my diagnosis of cancer on my face, I was terrified of being disfigured. One of my dear friends recommended I consult with Dr Maloney to get his opinion. He was fantastic. Discussed the possible options and his plan or reconstruction after the tumor was removed. His calming bedside manner and positive attitude, set my husband and I at ease. The day of surgery was unsettling but Dr. Maloney and his staff were so kind and made sure we were comfortable. I was thrilled with his technique and closures; he worked within my contours to hide the possible scars. I am recovering now and look forward to my next apptimonet with Dr Maloney and his team to check my progress.

  • Steph B via Yelp

    I am so very happy I took the plunge and refreshed my face of 58 years. Thank you Dr. Maloney and staff. When I saw Dr. Maloney following the procedures I called him a magician. Thank you for helping me get fresh again.

  • Angela T via Yelp

    Dr. Maloney is the best when it comes to botox. The procedure is painless and has me quickly looking years younger! I rely on him for a natural – looking outcome, professional care, and quality results.

  • Leemarielas8 via RealSelf

    Could not be happier…where do I start? Wonderful, caring, helpful, and professional staff, administration and front office is spot on and beyond organized. From consultation to follow up they do an impeccable job. Can’t begin to say enough good things about Dr. Maloney. Not only is he an amazing plastic surgeon, but the time and thorough attention he gives to each one of his patients is not often found in other practices. He takes the time to listen to what you want and has the patients best interest at heart. In addition he educates you about the the products and procedures you are going to be using/ and or experiencing. A Doctor of mine referred me to Dr. Maloney…well he is now the only Dr. I see! That right there says a lot. I highly recommend seeing Dr Maloney and can’t imagine anyone disagreeing with me.

  • Linda B via HealthGrades

    It’s been a year now since my surgery. I had a lot done: rhinoplasty, facelift, eyes, ears. Dr. Maloney gave me honest expectations for each procedure and the results are right on target. His techniques leave you with a more youthful, natural appearance. He is super compassionate and listens to his patients. Friends were amazed by how little bruising and swelling I experienced. Dr. Maloney has excellent surgical skills and I love the results!

  • Carolina via HealthGrades

    My experience with Dr. Maloney and his staff has been superb. I had a lower face lift. The staff is very helpful and professional and Dr. Maloney is just wonderful, clear, approachable and brilliant. I recommend him and his staff without reservations.

  • awakenedyet via RealSelf

    I have been seeing the best Doc in atlanta after being referred from my cousin for a few months now. He and his staff are absolutely awesome and he does amazing work. He always gives straightforward answers that will be conducive with my desired appearance. He is realistic! I recently got botox and the results were immediate, striking, and natural. Which is what I wanted

  • torrensa via RealSelf

    The facility is beautiful and the staff is super great. I have been very impressed with the services and professionalism provided. They are thorough and very caring. I would recommend Dr. Maloney for any cosmetic needs because he is just that great! The staff is just as awesome as he is!

  • kate M via RealSelf

    I cannot say enough about all the good I feel about Dr. Maloney. A good listener and compassionate; he made me feel at ease within minutes of our meeting. The prep work that he suggested to me including lymphatic massage, vitamins and expectation management were exactly what helped me come through the whole experience with quick healing and a great positive outlook. Additionally the Maloney Center staff are all so easy to be around; they really have become family to me. I would highly recommend Dr. Maloney and would be happy to visit with any potential patients that have questions and need a former patient to describe the whole process. Thank you Dr. Maloney!!!!

  • sbruno9756 via RealSelf

    At a general consultation, Dr. Maloney pointed out that I most likely have dry eyes due to the droop of my lower lids. I had never thought about this, but I was only able to wear my contacts for about three hours per day. After the procedure I am able to wear them as long as I would like.– 7 AM till midnight. I could not get over the appearance when he showed me how just a little lift of the lower lids would make for a more youthful appearance. I am so glad he pointed this out !

  • vbmac via RealSelf

    I see Dr Maloney for fillers, Restylane Lyft in cheeks & Juvaderm in the marionette lines, and Botox until I decide I am ready for a face lift. I want to look rested and younger than my 55 years but not overfilled or pulled. I also had Bells Palsy 25 years ago. I’ve had no lumps and very little bruising after my injections. Dr Maloney listens and understands my concerns. He is a very caring and talented Doctor and his staff is super friendly and helpful. I highly recommend that you check out Dr Maloney if you’re in Atlanta and considering fillers or a face lift.

  • Bria B via Yelp

    Dr. Maloney is absolutely wonderful! I’ve been going to him for years now and I wouldn’t even consider going to anyone else. He is conservative in his approach to plastic surgery and doesn’t try to change who someone is – instead he improves someone’s natural look.

  • Samar A via Yelp

    Dr. Maloney is the best in the city. He is a perfectionist and has a real passion for his work. I have referred all my family and friends. He, personally, does all his patients Botox and filler injections and never leaves you looking “over-done”. If you are looking for a fabulous doctor with a great bedside manner and extensive expertise in the industry, Dr. Maloney is your doctor. He is phenomenal!



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