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  • Amanda via HealthGrades

    I have recently undergone an abdominoplasty and backlift. I could not have chosen a better doctor! Dr. Whiteman is very personable and to know that my concerns are going to be addressed is a huge plus. With any surgery, there is going to be pain and discomfort, but Dr. Whiteman has made this experience a pleasurable one and I would highly recommend him to friends and family.

  • sherenc via RealSelf

    I have undergone a few procedures with Dr. David Whiteman (tummy tuck, lipo, and Botox). He is the best in the business by far. As a person working in the health field, I wouldn’t trust my body to anyone else for cosmetic procedures. He and his staff are the consummate professionals and make you feel like you’re the only patient they have!

  • JDW via HealthGrades

    From the moment I met Dr. Whiteman a year ago until he performed my tummy tuck and back lift this year, I have had a great experience. Dr. Whiteman is patient, thorough, and has a wonderful sense of humor. Dr. Whiteman told me what to expect immediately after my surgery and during my recovery at home. He also called me Saturday morning to check n me and to make sure I was doing ok. I am so pleased with my results at this stage of my recovery. I have and will recommend Dr. Whiteman to everyone!

  • Kristi Koch via HealthGrades

    I had a breast lift and augmentation. I was not told my nipples would be taken off. The scars are so horrible. I call my breast Frankenstein breast. The whole point of have the procedure was to help me love my breast again. The scaring is so bad. When I went back to talk Dr Whiteman, I was referred to have some scar treatment at a company that he owns. This would cost me more money. I do not let my fiancé see my breast. Wish I had money to have someone fix them.

  • southernbelles via RealSelf

    My experiences with Dr. Whiteman and his staff have been so at-ease and comfortable. I’ve had three surgeries over six years and I have total confidence in the information I receive before a surgery and confidence in my aftercare. Surgeries have always been easy with only minor discomfort afterwards. When I walk into his offices I feel like I’m seeing family members I have not seen in a long time. They make you feel right at-home. I 100% recommend Dr. Whiteman. Of course attitude is a very important part of your outlook and will make a difference in how you view the staff you have chosen. With a great attitude, you can’t go wrong with Dr. Whiteman.

  • Imlangston via RealSelf

    Dr. Whiteman and staff exceeded my expectations. During my initial consultation, all of mine and my husband’s questions and concerns were throughly addressed. I left the office excited and confident in my decision. I had a breast augmentation, lift and liposuction of my abdomen. I was able to return to work after one week off. Dr. Whiteman educated and prepared me for each phase of the recovery period. It was great knowing what to expect. It is now three months postop and I could not be happier with my results. I have so much more confidence. Getting dressed is fun now! Dr. Whiteman, thank you for the incredible experience and results.

  • Chel N via HealthGrade

    I just couldn’t take having large breasts any more. They looked ridiculous and I felt horrible. Dr. Whiteman further validated that I did, truly, have breasts that would cause me mental and physical pain. That may sound silly, but I think I put the surgery off for so long because I thought I was just being a wimp and I should be happy with what I have. I don’t have ANY pain in my back/shoulders anymore! I feel amazing inside and out! Recovery was relatively easy. By week 3 I was at almost 100%

  • Melissa Gigliotta Bryant via Facebook

    He did my reduction , tummy tuck and Lipo . I can not say enough wonderful things about Dr Whiteman . He has a gift for creating beauty. Staff is wonderful.
    I’ve recommended him to several friends .

  • LFC80 via RealSelf

    Thanks to Dr. Whitemen he gave me the nose I’ve always wanted!!! It was something I’ve been very self-conscious about since I was a little girl! It’s only been a week but I already see the improvement & I know it’ll continue to get better because there’s still some bruising & swelling. Dr Whitemen is compassionate & has a wonderful bed side manner. He also has a friendly staff. I can’t say enough about the out patient nurses at Gwinnett Medical-Duluth, they were so kind & they took great care of me! 🙂

  • pdicus via RealSelf

    Dr Whiteman is just the right blend of kind and informative. He and his staff gave me all the information I needed before, during and after my liposuction. He personally called me the night after my surgery to see how I was doing and to answer any questions. I was impressed. I had a great experience and result.

  • Fantastic Plastic via RealSelf

    Dr. Whiteman is very nice and professional along with his great staff. So it makes this review hard to write but the truth is the truth. I went to him upon recommendation for Lipo but from my results so far Liposuction isn’t Dr. Whiteman’s strength. He maybe stronger in other areas but for nearly $10k, it’s hardly much difference. It’s obvious that I need another round but I’m heading out of the country or finding better Surgeon in the US. I just can’t risk another Subpar performance by Dr. Whiteman.

  • J B via Yelp

    This Dr Performed a breast reduction on me and performed a completely different method on each breast. My breasts are not even, and one is larger than the other. They tell you that this will probably be the case (asymmetry) but performing a completely different method on each one? It’s like after he finished one, and was worried he was going to miss his golf game and started rushing to finish up. When I went in for a check up after the surgery he said “I know they are a little different but they’re different in the crease underneath your breast.” Really? Back then I was young and didn’t speak up for myself and was just so happy to downsize that I didn’t say anything. BUT did I really want him to operate on me again?! Talk about between a rock and a hard place. He did Nene’s nose on Atlanta Housewives, maybe he should stick with noses. His bedside manner is horrible. He is not warm, does not listen and is just in it to make the money. I hate that he can get away with this. I don’t how he can get any good reviews. My surgery was done 10 years ago, maybe he has gotten better since then. Do not see this doctor for plastic surgery.

  • Thomas A via Yelp

    I had consultations with several plastic surgeons prior to choosing Dr.Whiteman. A couple of doctors recommended against moving forward as I would not be pleased with the aesthetic result. I liked that Dr.Whiteman wanted me to see another specialist to see if I could accomplish what I wanted in a less invasive manner. Ultimately I could not and Dr. Whiteman then thoroughly explained my options and possible outcomes. I am very happy with the results. Which is most important. The office staff was also professional and efficient whenever I needed anything. Definitely a very positive experience.

  • Nan I via Yelp

    I have been seeing Dr. Whiteman for years for Botox and had my eyes done over 5 years ago. When I decided that this would be the year for a tummy tuck and breast implants, I knew Dr. Whiteman was the only one to perform the surgery. He and his staff are extremely competent and professional and I was confident that I was in good hands. The results were outstanding, and although the procedure itself was a bit overwhelming, I could not be happier with my newly “tuned up” almost 60 year old body!!!

  • Sunny H via Yelp

    I’ve waited a while to write my review because I wanted to wait and see how my results held up. I had a breast augmentation in 2009. My breast implants are 550cc each and are under the muscle. My scars are very small and they are not noticeable at all! I have a little bit of nerve damage and feeling loss which was explained to me could be a side effect and not unexpected. Over the years, the feeling has started to come back and is much less noticeable today than it was in the beginning. Dr. Whiteman has been a great support system since my surgery. He has always been willing to see me for the smallest freak out over scar tissue (which has gone away just like he said it would) or pain. I decided to write this review now because I recently had a child and was able to exclusively breastfeed him for almost a year. As an induced labor that resulted in a c-section, I had a delayed milk production and my milk consultants told me over and over that I could potentially not be able to produce milk due to my surgery. However, we had a very successful experience! Dr. Whiteman has always been willing to discuss anything I needed and I strongly suggest you give him a try.

  • Daisy G via Yelp

    I really appreciate Dr. whiteman.. He is a great plastic surgeon and one that gives his patients as much time as they require. I went to him after learning he did Nene. Leakers PS. He is kind, caring and completely competamt. I took my mother and she is now a fill time patient. He even performed lower bleph without anesthesia per her request and the results were fantastic, would def recommend.

  • Mary Jane S via Yelp

    My experience with Dr. David Whiteman and his team of stellar professionals has exceeded my expectations. Earlier this year, my primary doctor suspected some health issues after conducting a thorough physical exam. She referred me to many different specialists. It was incredibly challenging, given the fact that I had no clue as to where I would begin. One of my diagnoses’ required further examination by a plastic surgeon. The same diagnosis was confirmed by several plastic surgeons to whom I went for second, third, fourth, (and yes, even fifth) opinions. I was told that surgery was imperative and time was of the essence. The stress and fear this created for me was overwhelming.
    I visited highly rated surgeons to find the “right fit”. I noticed a pattern in each office; my initial consultation would be great; however, after the initial appointment, the communication would either cease, become contradictory, or just plain ineffective. None of the surgeons or their teams communicated with the other physicians whose care I was under to ensure quality care, and also, to assist me in knowing when to schedule other procedures I was required to have by different specialists. I am so glad I followed my instincts and waited. I was not going to settle for less when it came to my health.
    Based on his positive reviews, I called Dr. Whiteman’s office. I was delighted to speak to Jackie Madison. Not only was Ms. Madison incredibly friendly, but also, knowledgeable, empathetic, reassuring, and always available to answer any and all questions that came up. At my initial consultation, Ms. Madison remembered me and took the time to walk out of her office to greet me. She seemed genuinely happy to see me. She really made a difference and made me feel as if I mattered.
    The office was tastefully decorated and squeaky clean. The waiting room was not piled up with patients who were overbooked and had to wait over two hours.
    Dr. Whiteman stole the show. A very humble gentleman, he blew my mind with his humor, wit, and knowledge. He was “to the point.” I appreciate these qualities. He was the first surgeon who did not immediately blurt out a “medical diagnosis” for my condition. Rather, he calmly explained it to me in verbiage the average person without a medical background would understand. I appreciated his delivery and tact. He immediately earned my respect.
    Last week I had the surgery. It went without a hitch! Dr. Whiteman was phenomenal. Since surgery was on a Friday, his nurse Beth, was kind enough to give me her cell phone number in the event something came up. Dr. Whiteman did the same. I’ve had Ms. Madison’s cell phone number since my first visit!
    From beginning to end, this is a first class operation!
    I am so very grateful I waited to make certain I chose the perfect doctor. It made ALL the difference! Now I can say I have a new “medical family”!

  • evey64 via RealSelf

    I am so thankful for Dr Whiteman and the entire team at SPS! He has truly changed my life and I am only 2 weeks post op! From my initial consult, where the team was open caring and honest, to booking my surgery everything here was a breeze! Dr Whiteman provided honest feedback on what would be best for me and my body and spent a ton of time walking through what I should expect and what I could do to make my surgery a success. I underwent gastric sleeve surgery 3 years ago and lost 100lbs, but was so disappointed with the results. I had lost all of this weight, yet the skin that remained held me back from wearing the clothes I wanted and seeing the results of working out and following a strict diet. I decided to start researching having the skin removed, and started searching for a surgeon. My first consult was with Dr Whiteman, and I loved his manner and honesty so much that I knew immediately he and his team were who I wanted to go with. We decided to go with a tummy tuck, breast lift, lipo of my hereditary turkey neck and a little thigh lipo. The fact that he was so conservative in his suggestions and positive about my results made me know he was the surgeon for me. I nervously booked my surgery, followed all of his advice, and the whole procedure went off without a hitch. I am 2 weeks post op and the results are amazing! He has absolutely changed my life and I cannot wait to see what my body will be in the upcoming months! Thank you Dr Whiteman for making me the best version of myself!

  • Lydia L via HealthGrades

    Dr. Whiteman and staff exceeded my expectations. During my initial consultation, all of mine and my husband’s questions and concerns were throughly addressed. I left the office excited and confident in my decision. I had a breast augmentation, lift and liposuction of my abdomen. I was able to return to work after one week off. Dr. Whiteman educated and prepared me for each phase of the recovery period. It was great knowing what to expect. I could not be happier with my results!



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