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Read 6 Reviews for Elizabeth Whitaker MD

  • Kelly McDonald Garmon

    Seriously the best for Botox, fillers, etc. Dr. Whitaker is highly skilled and sincerely cares for her patients. I never do reviews but simply had to pass along the tip that you can’t do better than Dr. Whitaker. I would never go elsewhere!

  • blepharoplastyCust via Real Self

    Ruined my left upper eyelid. I have a lifelong scar remaining after upper blepharoplasty, and my eyes are now different sizes. They were both the same dimension, now my right eye is smaller than my left.

  • Marc Crye via Facebook

    Do not use this doctor!!!!!! I don’t understand all these fantastic compliments when my experience was totally opposite. Their billing was totally in adequate. She left a suture in my nose which I am currently having to figure out how to correct this with another plastic surgeon.
    please do not use this doctor !!!!

  • ctolbert via RealSelf

    I am a 65 year old woman and previously had a sagging neckline and significant bags under my eyes. Dr. Whitaker performed a lower face lift which – I’ve been told- took at least fifteen years from my face and neck. She did a beautiful job. She also did a lower eye lift which was perfectly executed. Everyone thinks I look “refreshed” which is exactly what I wanted.

  • Chris S via Yelp

    Less than a year ago I went to Dr Elizabeth for Sculpture. Spare tire and love handles. $2k approx bill. First procedure had no impact so she agreed to redo it. After second procedure and the 2 months to see if it did anything, again no change. Reason…. does not work for everyone, no guaranteed. “Sorry” …. Next.

  • Sylvette R via Yelp

    I had some cosmetics produces done last year and was happy with the outcome and gave her a 5 star, even though my lips using juvederm wasn’t worth it.

    I decided to write this review because this month, I went to another Plastic Surgeon in Atlanta for my lips using Juvederm. He used alittle over half and the results were amazing. When Dr. Whitaker did my lips, I was pretty much asleep. She said she used 1/2 on the bottom and 1/2 on the top. It had to be outdated juvederm because there no way I would get better results just using a little over half.

    I went a few times and always had to wait. The day of my surgery I had a friend who took the day off and Dr. Whitaker was 3 hours behind schedule.

    She will make you feel comfortable, parking is easy, she is professional and so is her staff. I just need to be honest and explain what happened. Would I use her again? No



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