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  • Debbie M via Yelp

    Great experience and results. Dr Roberts made me feel very comfortable and answered all my questions. Did not feel rushed at all. Had Botox and so pleased with the outcome. Staff is professional and go above and beyond to be helpful. Will definetly be back!!

  • helpforme via RealSelf

    Worse experience of my life. I went in for lower bleph in Feb now has runined my whole life. My lids are rounded and retracted now have MGD. It was a terrible experience. It has totally changed the appearance of my once so beautiful eyes and has runined my life and the life of my family and children. Do NOT take the risk. I trusted Dr Roberts and Amy and they was not honest on what could happen. He removed too much skin under my eyes and now I have 2 mm retraction. Horrible experience.

  • rono01 via RealSelf

    I wanted a facelift to freshen my appearance and to look younger as I have no intention of retiring or slowing down. Physically I am in great condition because I have always played sports and worked out including Crossfit.
    I needed an appearance to match my physical appearance.
    There was absolutely zero pain and I stayed in my pain mess for 3 days and then off.

    I highly recommend Dr. Roberts because I was a little aprenhesive but now would do it again in a heart beat without even thinking about it.

  • collinsville via HealthGrades

    I had a full facelift with neck, upper and lower eyelids, and a forehead lift. I consulted with five Plastic Surgeons and chose him because I was fooled by his bedside manner. I quickly developed a hematoma, my entire face and head were bruised, my head was sore all over. He had to put me back in the OR and pump the blood out. The surgery affected my eyesight and made me feel disoriented, which I still suffer from. And the facelift only held up about a year. He wasn’t even the cheapest. BEWARE

  • wildflowers1624 via RealSelf

    Dr. Roberts is the best. He always achieves exactly what I want. He is extremely professional and caring. I have been going to him for years and always will. I have had Botox and filler with him. It’s never over done, just perfect.

  • rachelnicoe via RealSelf

    I’ve been getting Botox for the past 4 years. This was my first time to get Botox by Dr Roberts. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m getting older, but it was different this time. I look 5 years younger and like I’ve had a brow lift! I had 2 areas done (my entire forehead and crows feet). I’m SO happy with the results and will be going back.

  • jnnrmn27 via RealSelf

    Dr. Roberts is really friendly and explains things well. I chose him because he specializes on the face and has done many Permalip implants. His office staff couldn’t be nicer and I would definitely go back!

  • pectinus via RealSelf

    All staff is absolutely wonderful, very supportive, professional. Dr. Roberts has his own brand new surgery center, so there is no astronomical hospital charges :). Dr. Roberts very professional.. You need the most experienced PS with up-to-date skills. (my opinion)..

  • Ron M via Yelp

    I cannot begin to describe how happy I am with Dr. Roberts and his staff. The results of the procedure that Dr Roberts performed is orders of magnitude better than I expected.

    The people that know me have no idea that I had a “tweak” done but they clearly say that I look younger but they do not know why. And I must say the after surgery affects were minimal. I expected pain but there was none. I did stay on my pain meds as he requested and that is a must.

    I love looking in the mirror and I look better than I in my wildest dreams expected. In addition Dr Roberts is a Caring and super personable Doctor

  • Sharon L Peterman

    I interviewed 3 doctors before choosing Dr. Roberts and his staff. They just stood out as caring professional who knew their product. I felt confident I would not come away looking like a plastic doll. This is the first (and last) face/neck lift I have ever had. Then the DOT completed my goals. I highly recommend Dr. Roberts and his staff for any cosmetic procedures you want to have.



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