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  • Diane Fields via Facebook

    I had my band aide facelift at the end of December! I am so pleased, Dr Leroy ,Dorothy and Rebecca are all wonderful people! The whole process was pretty painless and the rewards are awesome! I have very short hair,so I let it grow around my ears,but the lines are so fine nobody can tell! I look much younger and most of all a lot less tired!!! I traveled from Tallahassee for my procedure and it was never a problem. They whole staff responded to my call immediately, if I had any questions. I would recommend Dr Leroy to anybody! If you thinking about doing anything go talk to him, he’s very personable and calming ! You won’t be sorry!

  • Sophia K via Yelp

    Dr Leroy is a excellent doctor board certified and worked with one of the top plastic surgeons in New York City . I flew from Miami to have a band aid lower facelift over 6 years ago and just recently had my lower eyes I couldn’t be happier and I look very natural but yet have that edge of something done but people can’t figure it out !!! It’s my secret to anti aging . I can only say good things about dr Leroy

  • Sandy via HealthGrade

    I am so very happy with the results of my procedures that Dr. LeRoy performed. I have waited for years to do this..price and fear being factors. Fortunately I found Dr. LeRoy who had developed the Band Aid facelift that does not require hospitalization, therefore the cost is far less. The results are beyond my expectations. After the three month checkup, I chose to get injections for a couple of lines. Again the results..outstanding! Dr. LeRoy does NOT push any procedures. Very cautious!

  • Sheryl Bradley via HealthGrade

    Dr. Leroy was excellent at listening to what my expectations were, and he explained what he thought was the best approach. He made me feel very comfortable about the procedure and was right on target about the healing process. I am extremely happy with the results and would highly recommend Dr Leroy to anyone that wants an honest and superior surgeon!! He by far exceeded my vision for my outcome!!! Just Awesome!!



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