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  • bettyboop20 via RealSelf

    Today is a week from my tummy tuck, breast reduction with implants and Lipo of the back. I have had NO pain whatsoever, just the normal swelling. As for Michael Salzhauer aka Dc Miami, all I can say is he is definitely worth waiting for (my wait was 1 1/2 yrs. The entire process was so easy and he and his staff are amazing! If you want your new body done right, he is the one to go to!!!!

  • Steven W via Yelp

    As someone who had been unhappy with their nose for the my entire life, being petrified of surgery was not an option for me if I ever wanted it fixed. Having experienced a traumatic event losing a family member on the operating table when I was young, I had always shied away from fixing my big nose. That was, until I found Dr. Salzhauer, known by his fans as “Dr. Miami”. It sounds weird to say a Doctor has fans, but once I saw his work and understood what he was about, I quickly understood why.

    I met with Dr. Miami in his office for my consult, in which was very thorough and very understanding of my fears regarding surgery. He spouted off facts: that he’s never lost a patient in thousands of surgeries, that he has multiple back up systems in place when operating, and that he would answer all my questions every step of the way (which he did). He also said that he personally had the same surgery as me, so seeing his own face in person was the best possible “reference” I could ask for. I told him, let’s do it!

    Day of surgery, the anesthesiologist met with me and calmed me down greatly. His staff has great bedside manner as well and all were there for me every step of the way (I think some of the negative reviews are coming from people who expect to be waited on hand and foot; quite frankly when running an operation with such fantastic results, you can’t please everyone – quality over quantity.)

    A few months after my surgery and my life has changed. The work speaks for itself. My nose is straight, beautiful, and everyone says it looks amazing without having completely changed the look of my face. There’s a reason why he’s booked years in advance, and if you aren’t lucky enough to get a chance to have him work with you, you can’t hate him for that! If you are lucky to get in to have him work on you, consider yourself blessed!

  • kmed1212 via RealSelf

    I went in to get the surgery in an attempt to correct the asymmetry I had in my buttocks, caused by an intramuscular hemangioma. I can honestly say that the results of the surgery surpassed any expectations I had about what the “after” would look like! This surgery gave me the confidence I needed to be happy, and I have Dr. Salzhauer and his amazing staff to thank. Now, I can hardly tell that there was ever such severe asymmetry. Every step of the process with Dr. Salzhauer and his team went perfectly smoothly. From the beginning, all the way to the 5 months post-op I am now, Dr. Salzhauer and his staff have been very attentive and caring- always following up and making sure my needs were attended. I had an amazing experience with Dr. Salzhauer and I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a plastic surgeon- you will not regret it!

  • GeromeyNoemi L via Yelp

    Dr. Michael Salzhauer is my hero he change my life with the new body he gave me. Nine weeks ago well to be exact 8-14-2017 I had my mommy makeover with him, I had a tummy tuck with muscle repair,lipo with BBL and breast lift I’m so happy with my scars they look amazing and obviously my new body overall. I’ll be going back in 2019 to get my implants If your thinking of getting some work done I recommend Dr. Miami 100%

  • Hanan I via Yelp

    I don’t even know where to start..
    Let me just say I have never in my life met a plastic surgeon so humble and down-to-earth that made me feel so comfortable in my own skin. Dr Miami is everything! I was really nervous before I went in for my consultation but as soon as I seen him all my worries went away! I got my breast augmentation & Lipo with him. Originally I went in with a saggy DD but came out with some perky 650cc ! So much projection, minimal scarring I couldn’t be any happier!!! Also, The liposuction he performed on me completely changed the whole frame of my body! (I recommend everyone ask for arm Lipo) seriously I can’t say this enough it’s life-changing!!!! I can’t wait to post a before and after..(still healing). If I have any questions or concerns regarding anything he takes my calls immediately!!! I cannot wait until I have children so I can get a tummy tuck with him!! I recommend doing whatever you have to do to get in his office because he’s booked until 2019 and prices are still affordable!! I’m sending all my family and friends not to mention how much I love every single one of his Beautiful staff members!!



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