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  • Ruben Rodriguez via Facebook

    Dr. Paul Mccluskey and staff are the best! Laura, Danny, Alejandra and the rest of his staff are very professional and very nice. Dr. Mccluskey made me feel very comfortable from the get go. I went in for a bbl and the results are amazing.! Do yourself a favor and schedule a consult with them! Thanks a lot you guys I love you all!

  • Stephen Becker via Facebook

    I’m a plastic surgeon and I trusted Dr. Mcclusky with my procedure. He is down to earth, honest about risk and benefits and doesn’t promise what he can’t deliver.

  • Charles H via Yelp

    He did my friend’s breast implants and she’s not happy with the results at all. She feels that her breasts are lopsided and the left side is completely flat. She went back a second time to have them fixed and waited 14 months to heal hoping that it would heal properly because he kept saying it needs more time, but it doesn’t need more time it’s not changing.

  • Fix M via Yelp

    I have a friend who is a transgender born male… She showed me her breast implants and I thought they were fabulous she told me where she got them and I immediately booked an appointment with dr. Paul McCluskey… That was in 2015 April…. Very late August early September I started experiencing pain in my left breast. It ended up being capsular contracture which I understand can happen. I am not a first-time breast implant wear I received my first implants in 2003 I only went to dr. McCluskey because when you get implants you do have to change them out after 10 years. we both agreed it was time to change them. It was very odd to me that I developed capsular contracture seeing as though I had implants in the past and never had a problem…. I also went to see other plastic surgeons to get a second opinion on what I should do and each and every one of them said I would have to get the implants out however getting a new set would have to be done on both breasts this is something I did not want to do. The reason for having to get both breasts because the capsule stretched out my left breast so much that I had to get new implant in both breasts so that they would be even. I thought I was taking all the proper precautions I requested an implant that was not smooth or round the doctor agreed a textured implant would be best. We also had to take an extra step to prevent the capsular contracture from coming back again so Dr McCluskey used a material which is referred to as “pigskin”… What this does is it tricks the body into believing that there’s nothing foreign in your body so you do not develop capsular contracture again. So great I do not have capsular contracture however, something went terribly wrong during that surgery I developed fluid I wore a tube that was inserted well after the surgery which also left additional scarring on my implants but prior to inserting the tube dr. McCluskey thought it was okay to inject a needle straight into my implant and attempted to extract the additional fluid that was building up on my left breast. I was under his care and I trusted him completely because I understood that what happened to me the first time there was a 50-50 chance it could happen to anybody… My concern is right now I am 16 months post op and now I have one droopy breasts that appears as though it’s in a pocket too big for it and then on my right side I have a tight breast which appears the pocket is too small…. I have seen other Physicians and I’m told once again these implants have to be removed… Dr. McCluskey Did not follow through with me to the end and it’s left me distraught and depressed and unsure about how to approach the situation… He no longer returns my phone calls or emails and acts as if I don’t exist however I’m still walking around with two bad breast implants for a total of 2 years and 4 months…. I’m exhausted and I’m tired. So I share this with you because you need to know every review he has out there is not good he deletes anything bad…. Buyer beware….

  • Kimberley C via Yelp

    Dr McCluskey has been my beauty expert/surgeon for the past 5 years and I couldn’t be happier.
    His staff focus 100% on customer service and it shows the moment you walk in the door. The practice manager, Laura, runs the place and she doesn’t miss a beat. She addresses everyone as Ms or Mr, never by their first name. Everyone is extremely patient and will take the time to explain things.

    I also must give a shout out to Daniela (surgical assistant), Aimee (nurse) and Nyrva (anesthesiologist). They are not only top notch in their field, but they truly care.

    I lost over 130 lbs after a gastric bypass and had excess skin. Dr. McCluskey performed a breast implant, full facelift including upper and lower eyes, butt/thigh lift, lipo suction, lip augmentation, Botox, Restalyne, and derma fillers.

    He always makes himself available to answer any questions I may have, even on the weekends. I can explain (and send photos) of what I am looking for, and he provides options weighing the pros and cons. If I want to do something he doesn’t agree with, he’ll tell me no and explain why it’s not the best idea. He is truly an exceptional surgeon and his staff make his practice a true boutique experience.

    I highly recommend Dr McCluskey.

  • Ruben R via Yelp

    Dr. Paul Mccluskey and staff are the best! Laura, Danny, Alejandra and the rest of his staff are very professional and very nice. Dr. Mccluskey made me feel very comfortable from the get go. I went in for a bbl and the results are amazing.! Do yourself a favor and schedule a consult with them! Thanks a lot you guys I love you all!

  • Elizabeth Santana via Facebook

    Dr. McCluskey is very personable, attentive and extremely accommodating. He definitely takes pride in every consult and procedure he performs. His skill and talent is very evident.

  • Diana P via Yelp

    Today was my surgery for breast augmentation. I have to say hands down the best plastic surgeon. He was there the whole step of the way in which I felt super comfortable. After my surgery, I did not experience any pain but more so pressure and I have to give my stars to the anesthesiologist, staff, and of course my favorite Dr. Mccluskey.



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