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How to Ask Patients for a Review

How to Ask Patients for a ReviewIn the field of cosmetic surgery, patient reviews online are a critical component to building a steady stream of new patients for your practice. You just cannot ignore that when it comes to plastic surgery, the best potential patients research online to find a surgeon. A large portion of this research revolves around online patient reviews. Certain reports reveal that upwards of 60% of patients feel online reviews are important to choosing a physician.

Reviews build trust. Potential patients tend to put more focus on reviews over anything else, including education when making a decision about a doctor. The number of total reviews is often more important than a fewer amount of 5 star reviews.

The more reviews you can get for your practice the more trust you build with prospective patients. It’s just that simple.

It cannot be understated the importance of getting patients to provide online reviews.

The challenge for many cosmetic surgeons is how to ask patients for a review.

With a few tips, asking (and getting) patient to post reviews online is easy.

Let’s take a look a couple of the easiest ways to ask patients to leave a review.

The easiest and most straightforward way to ask for a review online is during a post op office visit where the patient has expressed happiness with their experience without being prompted. When they comment that they are happy, they are in that moment of bliss where they will want to tell the world. Take advantage of this moment. Ask if they would share their experience online.

It is often a better choice to have the front desk person request the review rather than the doctor. Have the front desk prompt the patient to leave a review on Facebook. Verbal request for reviews do prompt patients to write reviews, but the details of the review are often times less clear and helpful to your practice. The reviews tend to be shorter and more vague, focused on feeling rather than hard details.

A second opportunity to ask for a review is a post procedure follow up email. This can be the preferred method to request a patient review as the content of the review is more detailed.

Send the patient before and after pictures and request they share their experience. Include a link to where you want them to leave a review.

Personalize the request to each individual patient. Capitalize on your positive relationship.

As mentioned, email review requests have the advantage of you can be more detailed in your request. Ideally getting a more detailed review from the patient.

The best patient reviews include details about the procedure they had done, when they had it, how long it has been since they had their procedure and their overall satisfaction with the results. You can prompt the patient to include all of these points in their review more easily than a verbal review request.

The main point being that you want the patient to reveal more details beyond just they are “happy” or not.

Here is a basic email template you can use to get started that can be easily adjusted to your individual needs:

Hi {Patient Name},

As mentioned during your last office visit, here are the photos from before your procedure and after the procedure.

{Put Images Here}

We would appreciate it if you could take a moment of your time and share your experience on our Facebook Page. We would love to hear from you! Ideally, you will include the procedure that was done, when the procedure was done, how long it has been since you had your procedure and your overall satisfaction with the results.

We value your perspective and look forward to reading your feedback!

Feel free to adjust to fit your style and needs. Don’t forget to include a link to your Facebook Page!

The best patient reviews that are most helpful to potential patients are the patient reviews that are full of details. You get high caliber reviews by asking for them individually and personally utilizing a strong relationship with your practice.

In conclusion, asking for a patient review is easy to do. Happy patients are apt to want to share their experience! Go ahead and ask for your patients to leave a review with confidence, your practice can only benefit!

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