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Is Earlobe Reconstruction Right For You?

Earlobe Reconstruction & RepairDo you ever wonder if earlobe reconstruction is right for you? Earlobe reconstruction is one of the latest trends in plastic surgery. If you have stretched your lobes and are now at a point in your life where you no longer desire that look, there is now a surprisingly easy fix. Whether you have torn your ear lobe on accident, are a long time earring wearer or changed your mind about gauging, earlobe reconstruction surgery may be the option for you. Before making the decision to have this elective surgery, here are some things you might want to know.

Earlobe reconstruction and repair is commonly completed under local anesthesia and doesn’t require a hospital stay. Matter of fact, this surgery is done right in the office and takes under an hour. Earlobe Reconstruction is quick and nearly painless. During surgery, the physician cuts away the extra tissue and then sews the earlobe back together. Over the counter pain releavers alleviates any post surgery pain and discomfort.

In mild cases, where the earlobe is simply sagging a bit, a surgeon can inject a dermal filler into the lobe. This helps you avoid the surgery process and gives the illusion of a fuller earlobe. It is only temporary however and requires additional visits once the filler dissolves. This temporary solution to a sagging lobe usually lasts anywhere from 7-9 months.

Here are some common conditions earlobe reconstruction can correct:

  • Torn earlobes (trauma/accident)
  • Sagging earlobes (wearing heavy earrings for a long time)
  • Large earlobes (genetic)
  • Stretched piercing holes (gauging)

The removal of the stitches will occur within 5-7 days after the surgery. Some surgeons, however, use dissolvable stitches and in that case, a quick follow up visit is all that is necessary. There will be scarring but for the most part, it is minimal and generally undetectable. You can re-pierce your ears around two weeks after surgery but you should receive a doctor approval first.

Cost of the earlobe reconstruction is dependant on the extent of the damage to the lobe itself. The surgery costs can range anywhere from $400 – $2,000 for both earlobes. This surgery is strictly cosmetic in nature and therefore insurance will generally not cover the costs. Although, depending on the cosmetic surgeon you choose, payment options may be available.

As far as cosmetic surgeries are concerned, earlobe reconstruction and repair is one of the least disruptive and affordable. If you are unhappy with your earlobes for any reason, discuss with your cosmetic surgeon of choice the earlobe reconstruction and repair options they offer.

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